Monday, July 13, 2009

Checkride tentatively set

Got the call this checkride is tentatively set for 30 July down at Ellington. I mentioned that I'd done my training at Hooks, and the inspector actually volunteer the idea that he'd talk to an "inspector who lives at Hooks" about conducting my checkride up there. I'm obviously very cool with that, and if it's the FAA's own idea, well even better.

It's a little bit farther out than I wanted, but I can get a jump start on my CFI-A in the mean time and be ready for that checkride very soon after the CFI-I checkride.

It's going to be weird having a couple of weeks that are not push-push-push, but I'll have plenty of study time and probably get some honey-do's around the house done. I think Alisa will miss her house-husband once I'm flying full-time :).

When I hear more about the checkride, I'll post here. In the mean time, all that's really left to do is to get ready to show the FAA that I'll be an awesome instructor!

Keep the greasy side down and the pointy end forward!

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