Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Writers block or just lazy?

Back on the writing wagon

It's kind of embarrassing to realize that it has been a year since my blog was updated. It's been on my mind since my friend Jerome got really active on his again, and is writing some good stuff. Not that I haven't had plenty to write about, I just haven't been good about making the time to do it.

To make things easier, I changed the title of the blog a little bit to broaden the focus. Maybe I needed to give myself permission to write about whatever I wanted to. Maybe you don't care about that thought process, or maybe you do since you're still reading.

Plenty to write about

There have definitely been changes at work in the past year. I've now soloed 12 more students since that last blog entry, and had 10 (about to be 11) students successfully complete checkrides. And, I crossed the 1,000 hour mark as a pilot. I've really learned my craft and feel like a true pro. I knew once these things began happening, I'd inevitably face a fork in my professional road.

That fork came this month when the little one-airplane flight school Parker and I started got bought by a mutual friend. I stayed on with the new company as chief flight instructor and am in the middle of getting our instructional methods standardized to 3 types of airplanes, gearing up to hire another instructor, and continuing to teach a full student load in the airplane. Life is busy!

I still don't know what I want to do when I grow up. The opportunties as the new flight school begins to grow will get interesting (I'll share more about that as good things progress), and there of course remains the ever-present temptation of an airline career. Surreal though it may be, I'm only months away from qualifying for interviews with most regional airlines.

More to come

Stick with me as I share flying stories and random thoughts. I'm not going to make it my new year's resolution to write more, because we all know what happens to those. It's simply a commitment.

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  1. And he's back! Good post, Aaron. I'm glad to see things are going well. :)