Sunday, January 25, 2009

Another day, another dose of actual IMC

Clouds were even lower this morning---bases around 1800 feet. Made for a really good morning of training. We did another round-robin, which allowed me to practice around 6 different VOR radial intercepts. The flying the airplane part is going great---straight and level, turns, climbs, descents, and even partial-panel timed turns using the compass are really no problem at all.

My VOR tracking still needs work. Which, I guess is okay since I just did ride number 4. I need to work on fine-tuning my correction angles, which is the goal for tomorrow. Can't be doing S-turns all over Victor airways :). The good news is that when we did the VOR 17 at McGregor again, once we crossed the ACT VOR and actually intiated the approach, my tracking was pretty good. I don't think I was more than 1 dot off centerline at that point.

Anyway, this is the good thing about flying every day or every other day. I still have stuff I'm frustrated with, but a) the frustration doesn't get to brew for a week between flights and b) I can see a lot more quantifiable progress this way.

Next ride is tomorrow evening. Forecast for this week is calling for a whole lot of cloudy days. Bring it on!

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