Friday, January 23, 2009

Tumbling gyro

Well, no flight this morning. We cranked old 50G up on time today, around 7am, only to find that the AI (Attitude Indicator) was tumbling like a drunk sorority girl. We taxied all the way out to Runway 17 (which is a relatively long taxi by PWG standards), but the oscillations just got worse.
Since this was supposed to be my first flight to track two seperate VORs outbound then back inbound and transition into a VOR approach, we decided that adding partial panel to the mix as well might have been a bit much. So we made what I think was a wise decision to scrub. Hopefully we can pick up some time Sunday once this cold front blows through.

But, hey---I started my day at an airport behind a spinning propeller (if only for a few minutes). And that beats any day I can think of in my previous life.

On a related note: talk about motivation. While I was tying the 172 back down, I watched a friend (who, incidentally I recruited to Baylor's aviation program back when I was in admissions. Yeah, you guessed it, he had 0 time like 2 years ago and is now has a Commercial.) climb into a Cessna 340 with our local DE (Designated Examiner) for some free right seat time. Don't tell me that hanging around the airport and making a name for yourself can't be a constructive use of time!?

Keeping the greasy side down....

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  1. Hey, at least that happened while you were on terra firma instead of aloft in IMC. I doubt that 172 has a standby AI. :)