Sunday, February 20, 2011

The Family Business

Alisa has been my favorite passenger for almost 10 years now. Today, she officially became one of my students. I've been slipping some ground lessons in with her for a while now---they're actually a great way to pass the drives between Waco/Victoria and Waco/Houston. She's really sharp on her knowledge, and she did well today in the airplane. I'm working with her in our Cessna 150 (see previous blog). She sees it as an approachable airplane, and I see it as a great teacher. Win/win.

I don't think she realized how much she'd actually learned being a passenger. When you're in a small airplane enough, you learn without trying what "straight and level" should look like and what a normal bank angle for a turn looks like. The bridge to getting her to manipulate the controls to achieve those sight pictures was a pretty short one.

They say that if a marriage can survive wedding planning and building a house, it can survive just about anything. I haven't heard that saying applied to flight training, but this will surely be an interesting experiment in marital relations. I'm sure there will be quite a few blog entries dedicated to her progress.

Today, though, I'm proud of her. Alisa is the most accommodating, acquiescing, nicest person I know and I really want for her to have an environment where she'll really be in control. I can't wait to see her grow as a pilot. She's thinking about starting a blog about the experience, and I'll make sure and share the address here if she does.

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