Monday, February 14, 2011

On Co-pilots

My average work week these days is 60-70 hours. I'm not at all complaining, just stating a fact. That's what it takes to keep a small flight school running and keep all the customers taken care of. And unfortunately, there's no way of prettying up the fact that as my career progresses, I'll spend even less time at home.

Back in 2004, Alisa married an insurance adjuster who was home every night. Then, that changed to traveling university recruiter, and now finally, a professional pilot. Some people might call that unstable, but Alisa knows the truth: With me, it's been a constant evolution, each step strangely contributing to the next. I've finally re-invented myself into what I've really wanted to be since I was a little kid, and it's actually working out. Who can say that they really get to do that?

More importantly, and more to my point today, who can say that they have a co-pilot who comes along, willingly, on that wild of a ride? This has not been an uneventful journey. At times, it has been expensive, stressful, and yes, overwhelmingly joyful.

Through it all, Alisa has been there. She knew back in May of 2004 what we all know (or should all admit): there is nothing certain about the future. But she also knew she was marrying a guy who wasn't going to stop trying until he got it right. And I love her for her patience, steadfast support, and grace as I've worked to make it right for us.

Here's to co-pilots. I have the world's best, and I try every day to earn it. Happy Valentine's day, sweetheart.

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  1. Great post! As we've said before, the similarities in your career path and mine are uncanny. Also similar is the support we each receive from our wonderful brides. I don't know many pilots who have what you and I have at home, man. Blessed is the word I'd use. :)