Monday, February 23, 2009


Had a really good day today. My intercepts were good, my approaches were good, and yes, even the elusive hold looked really good. When your instructor says, "if you have a flight like today on your checkride, you have no worries," it just makes you smile. So, the contest is on for tomorrow to see if I can replicate today.

I took my first practice written exam on Friday and got an 85, so a few more rounds with that and I'll be onto the real deal.
Finally, Parker and I took the Mooney to Longview for a checkup today. We averaged around 160 knots GS at 9.9 per hour. Beat that! I flew a practice ILS on the way back home...from the right seat, no less. I think I'm going to like flying the Mooney :).

Another early morning tomorrow, so blue skies for now.

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