Sunday, February 1, 2009

Weekend of flying just for fun

After a week of scratched flights due to weather, I should get back on track this week. In fact, if everything goes according to plan Tim and I will fly every morning this week and then do two-a-days this coming weekend. Unusual attitudes and more VOR tracking are on the docket for tomorrow.

I did get some quality stick time this weekend, though. Went to Victoria for an EAA meeting. On Saturday, Dean Cooper and I went airport-hopping in his C-150 for about three hours. Met some great folks at the new Calhoun Air Center down in Port Lavaca (KPKV). If you're ever in that neighborhood, stop in for some fuel, coffee, and conversation.

Then, this morning Wesley and I took the Cub down to PKV and did some touch-and-gos on their nice turf crosswind runway. It was good to do some stick-and-rudder work and fly a "real" airplane for a change.

Okay, 0500 will come early tomorrow and I'm not feeling particularly eloquent, so I think I'll call it a night.

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