Thursday, February 5, 2009


Two flights in the last two days...we had to scrub Tuesday because the airplane was down, but we're back on track. We've intro'd ILS approaches, and it's going pretty well. I was a little worried about these, because the ILS signal makes your nav equipment about 4 times more sensitive than a VOR approach.

But, everyone was right. Once you intercept that localizer & glideslope, it takes very minute corrections to keep on them. It's a cool feeling to look up and find the runway right where it's supposed to be, which is just what happened today when Tim and I flew the ILS 19 approach into Temple (KTPL).

The flights are getting more and more intensive, and I'm finding that I'm able to absorb more information and (more importantly) handle a greater workload in the cockpit. Tomorrow, we're going to Fort Worth Meacham (direct from KPWG via the Slugg Five Arrival, if you're playing along at home) and back to KWPG via the Joe Pool Three Departure. I'm in charge of comms for the entire flight this time, as well as everything else. I'm stoked about the flight, which makes the 0430 show time a little easier to handle.

Also, I have a 9-hour stage check tomorrow. It should be easier, because we're so far ahead of the syllabus right now. I'm not too worried about basic attitude flying and time compass turns at this point, and it sounds like that's what I'm expected to demonstrate. No strong point throughout all this has been that my ability to fly the airplane has never at all been an issue.

On the job front, we're moving stuff into the flight school office tomorrow morning. My boss is flying to Cleveland next weekend to pick up a Mooney, and just like that we'll be a two-plane operation when I come on board in May. Lots of people indicating interest, which is a serious blessing in this economy. I think it's possible we may have slightly more demand we can handle.

I've also found a place at Hooks Airport in Houston where (assuming I've completed the FOI, CFI, and CFI-I writtens pressure) I can do the CFI-I as my initial and then my CFI-A as an add-on in the course of two weeks. And, at a pretty reasonable price. Will be looking into that option closely, because we're going to get to "that time" pretty quickly.

Onwards and upwards. Next report tomorrow after my cross-country. Blue skies!

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  1. What is it about aviation and waking up super early?

    Man, it sounds like you're on the fast track. Good job. :)